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Mastering Vibrational Alignment 30 Day Challenge

Let Me Teach You...
The steps to shift your vibrational frequency and attract more of what you desire into your life experience in just 30 days.

The next 30 Day Challenge starts in...

Cathy Abeyta: Energy Intuitive, Vibrational Alignment Life Coach, and Creator of the "Mastering Vibrational Alignment
30 Day Challenge."
-Paris, April 2022

In this 30 Day Challenge I will teach you how to create good vibrational habits that will clean up your vibration; how to turn off autopilot and become more self-aware; how to let go of your limiting beliefs and shift old thought patterns to new ones that serve you; and then teach you all of the secrets, step-by-step, to aligning your new vibration with whatever you desire. 

Can you imagine living every day in alignment with your             authentic self and             excited about what the          Universe is going to       deliver to you next?!

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-Next on the list, traveling the country on our Harleys.
-Owning my own dream business gives me the freedom to do whatever I want.
-Date night with my best friend and the love of my life.
Why do I keep attracting the same type of mate?

I know what I want in a relationship and a mate but I just can't seem to find that person. I keep ending up in relationships that are unsatisfying and even unhealthy. I just want to find true love! 

I meditate and make vision boards...why can't I manifest what I want?

I've taken classes on how to create vision boards and I know I have to get clear about what I want and visualize but it just never seems to work. What am I doing wrong?

I should just be satisfied with the life I have. I mean, after all, fairytales don't come true.

There are a lot of things I'd like to have and experience in my life but it's just not in the cards for people like me.

It just seems like it's a lot of work to change what I believe...

I've lived through some very traumatic experiences so I don't think I can move beyond my pain like other people can.

When it comes to creating change have you ever thought...? 

"Important things I gained from working with Cathy...

Identifying thought patterns that contribute to unhappiness (ie things we may have learned growing up) and then holding space and asking ourselves if we want to continue them or learn new ways of responding...she helped me to develop and implement a regular spiritual practice...and also helped me to trust my intuition.

People need to learn to trust the process and be willing to look within and DO the work. The majority of my growth has happened between sessions with you."

-Leslie, (who went from frustrated, unhappy single mom to graduating with her Masters Degree in Psychology and making major positive life changes in just a couple years of doing this work.)

"Self-worth and believing in my gifts used to be hard for me...I've learned from working with you how to love and accept gave me the tools and information necessary to look within myself and to own my own power. You've reminded me of how protected I am...helped me build up my confidence with your downloads. I love authentic people and you remind me to continue to live authentically and to not be afraid to do so."

-Gabrielle, who now runs her own spiritual practice and helps others on the healing journey.

"I have learned to be more self-aware and live life consciously rather than on autopilot. I am starting to recognize how my thoughts and automatic emotional reactions to things because of my past conditioning is really impacting my vibration. I am now focusing on catching myself when I have thoughts or energy that don't serve what I'm trying to achieve and rewrite the scripts in my head to match what I'm trying to attract. I am so much more joyful since starting this work and just my perception of the world around me has shifted in a big way."

-Jacqueline, moving from mundane to magnificent very quickly!

What people are saying about working with Cathy... 

A meditation to use daily to help you quiet your mind and assist you in becoming more present and connected to your inner voice. 

Daily communication from me with lessons and homework to keep you focused and accountable to your commitment to master your vibration.

Weekly group video chats with me to discuss your progress, answer questions, and share any challenges and/or successes you are experiencing.

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Each weekly group video chat will start with 10-15 minutes of distance Reiki energy healing to assist you to raise your vibration. 

What's inside the 30 Day Challenge?

Friends Having Fun

Invite a Friend...

Do you know someone who's been frustrated with their life and could use this 30 Day Challenge? Just like we share our latest favorite eyelash serum, healthy recipe, or workout routine, sharing this powerful 30 Day Challenge with someone who could benefit actually helps the whole because energetically we're all connected and therefore all influence each other.

And let's talk about momentum! The more you feel and express the new habits of thought and ideas about what you truly want to line up with, about who the authentic you is, and about the changes taking place, the more momentum you put behind it. And the more momentum you have going in the right direction, the easier it is to see change. Plus, doing this with your BFF can really help keep you motivated, dedicated, and accountable to the work you committed to.'s just more fun!


My Gift To You


I'm excited about this new program and I want everyone to be able to take advantage of I'm offering it in this INTRODUCTORY SESSION at a huge discount off it's actual value!

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Mastering Vibrational Alignment
30 Day Challenge

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