I began working with healing crystals in 2010 after the loss of my son, needing something to help me cope with the grief and understand how such a thing could happen. Slowly, over time, I began not only to feel relief from the grief, but to experience the revealing of a part of my soul that I never realized existed. People began to notice that something was different about me, and although they couldn't put their finger on what was happening, they wanted it too. I began wrapping crystals for others as I had for myself as a way to share my excitement about my transformation. This was the beginning of "Seeds of Truth" and it's continued to grow and be blessed.


My work has expanded and I now work as a Reiki Master/Teacher, doing energy intuitive coaching and energy healing, as well as intuitive readings through mediumship and oracle cards. I also work with the transformative energy of fire through candle work, and have incorporated essential oils and sound healing into my healing sessions as well. 


I feel so blessed to be able to share the amazing power of energy healing with those who are called to me! 


With so much love,

Cathy Klassen




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