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I have been connecting with spirit since I was a little girl, but I have been practicing Reiki Intuitive Energy Healing, life coaching, Reiki training, meditation, channeling, and mediumship for over 12 years. I am based in Fresno, CA but work distantly with people all over the country.


I have a passion for helping people realize what it means to be in alignment with their authentic selves, and to teach them how to access the amazing power they have to consciously create the life they desire.


Through my own personal spiritual healing, I learned how to recognize what holds people back, how to assist people to shift old beliefs and habits of thought, and how to help them see and experience the world from a new, higher vibrating perspective so they can experience an authentic life that is satisfying, joyful, and ever-evolving. All of this is what makes up the unique and powerful Reiki Intuitive Energy Healing modality that I use to help transform lives.

I love what I do! Let me share it with you!  

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