Sacred Huachuma Healing Ceremony

April 18, 2020   11am-9pm


Huachuma is the master teacher and spiritual healer. This sacred Peruvian healing ceremony uses the medicine of the honored San Pedro to quiet the ego and open the heart center in order to allow deep healing to old wounds. No one leaves this ceremony without having a life altering transformation and everyone leaves feeling a great sense of unconditional love like they've never felt before. This is a long and beautiful ceremony that requires commitment to participate in advance. Please message me for more information and an invitation to join in this ceremony. This is first come first serve and there is very limited space. RSVP and deposit of $50 is due by March 1, 2020.
Donation for the sacred ceremony is $222

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Using the energy of Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, and sound, to promote healing of mind, body, and spirit.



*In office, full intuitive energy

healing session

$100 (Temporarily unavailable)

 *60 minute mediumship/oracle card reading



*60 minute FaceTime/Messenger session


*Reiki I, II, and Master/Teacher Training Classes


*"Channeling Rosemary" group event

(Available through Zoom) 

"Rosemary" is a spiritual collective that communicates information and messages in a group setting through me (think Abraham Hicks). Participants can ask questions and receive information during the presentation. No question is off limits. Available to groups of five people or more at your home, office, or venue.

$40 per person. 

*Group Readings

Individual 15 minute readings at your event.

$25 per individual reading

minimum $100  

(Temporarily Unavailable) 

Peace is the expression of Divine love on Earth. The easiest way to experience peace is through living in the truth of your authentic self every day. This means releasing old habits, old ways of thinking, past experiences that trigger pain, opening a closed heart, opening to your intuition, and finding your connection to All That Is. These changes can manifest as recognizing your path and purpose, releasing physical pain, experiencing peace, communicating with confidence and love, connecting to your creativity, and finding joy in relationships and activities that you didn't think was possible. As an Energy Intuitive, my goal is to assist you, through the use of Reiki, crystals, mediumship, essential oils, sound therapy, and life coaching, to find your way back to your authentic self and live in a place of peace and contentment. 

Ease Into Alignment Meditations

Heal Your Life Mediumship 101 Class

Ease Into Alignment Cover .jpg



Also Available:


Reiki Training


Reiki Share Sessions


Kids Reiki Training

New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Divine Light Prayer Candles


Essential Oil Mists



Heal Your Life and Mediumship Classes

Tarot Classes





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Monday Night 



Seeds of Truth









Let’s gather to quiet the mind in a high vibrating, candle lit, relaxing space. We’ll start the meditation with getting grounded and clearing the chakras and energy field. Then, once we’ve released all resistance, we’ll spend some time in silent meditation to get reconnected with source, receive messages, and just get reset. We will end with oracle cards, conversation, or whatever Source leads us to.
There are chairs available but feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, or anything you need to be most comfortable.

We meet every other Monday night.

Please email or text me to RSVP.







Daily meditations to assist you in releasing resistance, becoming present, and getting into alignment with your true authentic self. Click picture to sample and purchase. 

This is a life changing class, assisting you to heal old wounds, raise your vibration, come into alignment with your authentic self, and tap into your intuition. Go here for more information.

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