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Cathy Abeyta

Energy Intuitive


Intuitive Energy Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Crystal & Sound Healer

Psychic Medium

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Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Using the energy of Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, and sound, to promote healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Peace is the expression of Divine love on Earth. The easiest way to experience peace is through living in the truth of your authentic self every day. This means releasing old habits, old ways of thinking, past experiences that trigger pain, opening a closed heart, opening to your intuition, and finding your connection to All That Is. These changes can manifest as recognizing your path and purpose, releasing physical pain, experiencing peace, communicating with confidence and love, connecting to your creativity, and finding joy in relationships and activities that you didn't think was possible. As an Energy Intuitive, my goal is to assist you, through the use of Reiki, crystals, mediumship, essential oils, sound therapy, and life coaching, to find your way back to your authentic self to live in a place of peace and contentment. 

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The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear

and the acceptance of love. 

    -Marianne Williamson

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Psychic Mediumship and 
Tarot Card Reading

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Reiki Level I, II, and Master/Teacher Training 

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The person who is in tune with the Universe becomes a radio receiver through which the voice of the Universe is transmitted. 

                                                                                    - Hazrat Inayat Khan


Living in the Frequency of Joy


in the


of Joy

Overcoming the Obstacles to Living Your Most Authentic Life

Living in the Frequency of Joy is the step-by-step journey to lining back up with your authentic self, your inner spiritual being, the one who knows exactly what you desire and the easiest way to achieve that. You will learn to raise your vibration, shift your awareness and perception, and release those old beliefs that no longer serve you in order to allow all you desire to come flooding in. Learn to truly fall in love with yourself and create happiness beyond your wildest dreams. Come…let me show you how to live in the frequency of joy! 


Align with your authentic self and

live in the frequency of joy.

Ease Into Alignment Meditation

Ease Into Alignment


Daily meditations to assist you in releasing resistance, becoming present, and getting into alignment with your true authentic self.  

Find your true power by quieting the ego and awakening the heart center.

Sacred Huachuma Healing Ceremony
Last ceremony of the year!
October 2021
Doing powerful work while the veil is thin

Huachuma is the master teacher and spiritual healer. This sacred Peruvian healing ceremony uses the medicine of the honored San Pedro to quiet the ego and open the heart center in order to allow deep healing to old wounds. No one leaves this ceremony without having a life altering transformation and everyone leaves feeling a great sense of unconditional love like they've never felt before. This is a long and beautiful ceremony that requires commitment to participate in advance. Please contact me for more information and an invitation to join in this ceremony. For more information about this sacred plant and the healing ceremony, check out this article, Journeying with Huachuma.

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