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Fresno, CA

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Cathy Abeyta

Reiki Master Teacher

Energy Intuitive

Spiritual Life Coach

Channeler/ Medium


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Using high vibrational Reiki energy work, intuitively channeled messages, and spiritual life coaching to help you to align with the life experience your soul truly desires. 


Release and transmute old wounds and pain that

no longer serve you; 

clear, expand, and strengthen the chakras; 

raise the frequency of your vibration;

experience a higher emotional state;

find clarity about your path, purpose, and

authentic self;

learn to live with self-confidence and know

your own worth and value;

open to a healthy love of self and others;

find stability, strength, and health in your

physical body;

learn to listen to and trust your own intuition; connect to Source energy;

gain tools to maintain your own high vibration;

learn to be a conscious creator of your life;

and learn to navigate the ups and downs of this human experience with grace, ease, and joy.



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Discovering who you truly are and what lights you up, and then being brave enough to be and do THAT!! Sometimes it's easy and exhilarating, and sometimes it's really hard. But it all contributes to the richness and satisfaction of your life. Self-awareness is the first step to change. Let me help you discover your authentic self and gain the confidence and determination to let THAT be your best life! 

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I am an Intuitive Reiki Energy Healer and Medium. I have been sensing energy since I was a little girl and began sharing my gifts as a Reiki practitioner, intuitive, and life coach in 2010.


I'm also a music loving, Harley riding cowgirl, author, mom and wife, married to my absolute soul mate, love of my life, and best friend...who also happens to be a musician who meditates and loves Tarot and all things spiritual as much as I do. Outside of our work, we live an exciting life traveling the country on our bikes spreading love and healing wherever we go, and, well....doing whatever we feel inspired to do in any given moment!


I am as authentic as it gets now because I have done the inner healing work that I now teach, and I understand the joy and satisfaction that comes with finally getting honest and aligning with who I really am...and then being brave enough to trust and follow my divine inspiration and experience life the way my soul truly wants to.


It has become my passion to help as many people as possible come into alignment with their own authentic selves, experiencing the joy, freedom, and healing it brings.  

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