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I'm so happy you've decided to join us on this healing journey inward! It has been my joy and excitement to share with everyone through my book, Living in the Frequency of Joy, what I have discovered to be the most powerful and most direct way to really release all that no longer serves you, to clean up your vibration, and to help you align with your authentic self and all that you desire...to really discover the power you have to create your life of satisfaction and joy!


Now I'd like to take the healing a step further and collaborate with you on this journey. I truly want to connect with you on a more personal level, assist you in your journey, and answer any questions that come up as you do the work laid out in this book.


In the discussion group we will talk about topics based on the content of the book, sharing our experiences, our interpretations, our trials, and our triumphs! I'll give you tips and ideas on how to clean up your vibe and really take your healing to the next level. We will meet every Saturday morning in a chat room and have a discussion about that weeks topic and anything else on your mind. This will be an ongoing adventure. So, join me every Saturday morning (unless otherwise announced)

at 10 am Pacific Time and let's do this!


Simply fill out the form below. No fee, no commitment (except to yourself...to do the work!). Easy Peasy!! And if you need to purchase the book just click


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