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The purpose of this gathering is to give you clarity, insight, and understanding about how to heal your life and live in the highest frequency of love and joy. Learning to be in alignment with your inner being is the beginning of access to great spiritual power. Through an interactive process of communication between the group and Rosemary, you will come to know what old thoughts, beliefs and conditioning you hold that no longer serve you and are ready to be released and replaced with higher vibrating truths.  


"Rosemary" is a spiritual collective or consciousness that communicates through me to bring messages of guidance, hope, inspiration, healing, and ultimately the highest energy of love in order to give clarity to those in attendance. The purpose is to teach them how they can come into alignment with their highest vibration, their inner being, their authentic self, and ultimately all they desire.


Since this is a time of gathering for asking questions, gaining wisdom and clarity, and coming into better alignment with all that you are seeking, you may ask questions about anything you feel is holding you back or causing roadblocks in your advancement in this lifetime. There is nothing off limits. You may not always receive the answer you expect, but you will always receive the message that brings you the greatest clarity, the most healing, and that which is to your greatest and highest good, always.

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