First and foremost being a medium means being in alignment with your authentic self. And being in alignment with your authentic self means discovering who you really are and healing old wounds, changing old belief patterns, and learning to actively create your life rather than just passively allowing life to happen. In this class, in order to learn how to connect with loved ones on the other side and channel messages, we will go through the process of healing your life and you'll begin to learn to live more in a place of joy, peace, contentment, and freedom.
You'll learn to quiet your mind, strengthen your intuition, create a language between you and Source, and gain confidence in your natural intuitive abilities. This class will include discussion, lessons, technique, healing, and lots of hands-on practice. You'll also be a part of a private Facebook group where you can connect with each other, ask questions, and share experiences between classes. You will receive a certificate of completion upon completing all four sessions. Next class to be announced soon. All four classes $200. Space limited to 10 students.
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* "Highly recommend this class if you are ready to strengthen your intuition, explore the spiritual realm and learn ways to be in the present moment. I had no idea what I was getting into but it has been a life changing event. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to be one of the first students in this class!"
* "We learned how to get our vibration up and the skills necessary to succeed, we had lots of practice and hands on experience. A wonderful surprise happened between us who took the class together, we became friends, bonded and we are each other's support and we cheer each other on."
* "The mediumship class was extremely informative, interactive, and introspective. I also gained so much more confidence because of this class. Cathy is a wonderful and
authentic teacher . Thank you so much ❤"
* "Cathy was very attentive and made sure we were covering everything we were curious about! Every class was different and we were introduced to new ways and techniques to tap into our intuition! This class gave me the confidence to trust my intuition and own my power!"

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